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Smoking at Rome - Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

Smoking Rating


Before and After Security Smoking

Throughout the airport smoking areas are available:

Terminal 1:

Departures area on the airside -  immediately after the security checks in the shops and restaurant area

Terminal 1 departures area on the airside -  immediately after the security checks in the shops and restaurant area

Boarding area B, near gate B 11 and between gates B05-B07

Boarding area C, near gate C 08

Boarding area D, near gates D 02 and D 05

Boarding area E51-52

Boarding E31-44, near gate E38

Boarding E11-24, near gate E14

There are three smoking lounges, located on the Mezzanine level of T1, in Boarding Area D and Boarding Area G.

Update from Adam, 12th July 17:

There are at least 2 booths airside. One by the gates E1-8 area, and another by gate E14, behind the duty free shop.

Information from Luca:

There are lots of smoking rooms inside all terminals, they used to be bigger but even if smaller now are present. Max 6 smokers per cabin (often 8 fit) . Smoking outside terminals is extremely common with ashtrays everywhere, actually outside terminal os rare to see a non smoking sign. In 90 percent of outside area smoking is permitted.

Terminal 2


Terminal 3

Departures , on the airside, in the restaurant area (upper level).

Feedback from Joseph: There is a smoking lounge in British Airways in T3 gate E area, second floor. 4th October 2017.

Images of Smoke Areas

Mezzaninine T1

mezzaninine T1 and boarding area B

Boarding area D

Boarding areas D

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