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Smoking at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is permitted outside the terminal building in the designated smoking areas. The smoking areas are indicated by a white dotted line and contain ashtrays. Smoking areas have been installed at various locations on Jan Delleartplein (outside in front of Schiphol Plaza) and on the departures level.

Perimeter roads and the aprons form an exception to the rule: these areas must be kept smoke free to ensure airport safety.

Beyond passport control, smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas, most of which are located at food service outlets. These smoking areas are enclosed rooms with their own exhaust-ventilation systems. To find the nearest smoking area, please consult the signs in the lounges.

Locations (Updates from Niels on the 16th June 2019)

For Amsterdam Airport, this should be the full list of smoking rooms (based on the airport’s website, and my own experience).

Schengen-zone (after security, before passport control):

  • B-pier: Tribune Bar, near gate B15

  •  Between C-pier & D-pier: Grand Café Het Paleis

  •  D-pier: Park Cafe, near gate D59 (upper floor)

  •  M-pier: Light Lounge Café (in shopping area of budget terminal)

Non-Schengen (after passport control)

  • D-pier: Murphy’s Irish Pub, near gate D10

  •  Between D-pier & E-pier: Frames (upper floor)

  •  Between D-pier & E-pier: Heineken Bar, near gate D3

  •  E-pier: Dutch Bar (Holland Boulevard)

  •  E-pier: Silverscreen Bar, near gate E9

  •  F-pier: Tastes from the Lowlands (Holland Boulevard)

  •  F-pier: East Bar & Bites, near gate F3

  •  F-pier: Moods Eatery & Bar, near gate F5

  •  Near F-pier: KLM Crown Lounge 52 (access restricted)

  •  Between G-pier & H-pier (budget): near gate G3


Update from Glenn, April 2019: The new KLM lounge (lounge 52) has a very nice smoking area within the lounge. Photo provided below.

Images of Smoke Areas

KLM Lounge, provided by Glenn 2019:

Smoking at Schiphol Airport

Further Information

Maps of smoking areas are here:

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