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Smoking at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)


Airport Rating


Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

There are also lounges in the airport that allow smoking.

Important: All Schengen Gates are non-smoking at the moment. Update from Simon on the 14th Jan 2019:

Terminal 1:

Smoking Cabins:

T1, Area A gates:

Update from Alina R., Aug 2019: There is one more Camel smoking lounge in the A section, right in front of gate A68.

Update, 1st May 2019 from Tommy G: Camel smoking lounge at gate A24/A25 also smoking lounge at A11. Both these are available for Schengen travellers

Update from Viridiana H. on the 16th Feb 2019: There is also one smoking lounge and it is next to gate A11.

Opposite Gate A52, photo below provided by Michael F. on the 17th April 2018.

T1, Area B, Level 2:

Update from Simon on the 14th Jan 19:

No smoking before Passport control.

Smoking: B1+B10-13+B19 on Level 2

Smoking: B2-B9 on Level 3

Important update from Vivienne B on the 22nd Aug 2018: T1, Area B, Level 3, near Gate B4 - This smoking area is no longer there. It shows on the FRA map still. If you are leaving from gates B1-B9 there is nowhere to smoke as it is a Schengen departure area and the smoking cabins in B are after passport control.

T1, Gate Z:

Update from Andrei J, Aug 2019: Smoking lounges near gates Z11 and Z25

Smoking at Gates Z , in front of gate Z52. Update from Andreea P on the 5th Feb 2019.

Terminal 2:

Smoking Cabins:

Update from Erik C., July 2019: Also near gate E5

T2, Area D, Level 2, near Gate D27

T2, Area D, Level 2, near Gate D22

T2, Area E, Level 2, near Gate E21 & E22

T2, Area D, Level 3

Images of Smoke Areas

A Gate Lounge: Photo below provided by Michael F. on the 17th April 2018.

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