Smoking at Vienna International Airport (VIE)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted anywhere outside the terminals.

Feedback from Sebastian C. 2nd February 2017: Outside the Building you can smoke everywhere.

Official Airport Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the buildings and on the terrace.

Terminal maps below.

Terminal 1:

Smoking booth in restaurant after duty free, update from Andrea on the 3rd April 2019.

Feedback from Sergey, 7th June 2917: 2 smoking booths for 6 people in Terminal 1 near D Gates behind restaurants. 1 small smoking booth in AirLounge Terminal 1.

Inside the international Terminals only in Camel smoking areas. (15 people)

Gate F:

Smoking booths available only at the far end.

Gate G:

Smoking booths available in the middle and at the far end.

In the Austrian lounges it's not possible to smoke.

Every Sky lounge has a 2-3 person size smoking cabin.

Terminal 3:

There's a smoking Cabin right near Gate D29 in terminal 3 It is located in the cafe bistro Johann strauss. Update from Shlomy, Jan 2018.

Vienna airport terminal 3 smoking area is beside Gate F32. Feedback from Jessica on the 29th December 2017.

From Wayne F. on the 13th December 2017: There's also a Smokers Room by G16.

In Terminal 3 in VIE at the G gates there is a Panorama bar/ restaurant Kulinariat in the very corner. Smokers lounge with approx. 20 tables accessible with consumption, also has a nice view at the runway. Feedback from Emil on the 6th December 2017.

There is a smoking in Terminal 3, in a small aisle between Heinneman duty free and Henry bar, close to gate C34. Feedback from Michele on the 5th November 2017.

Air Café in Terminal 3 (outside security zone) has a smoking section. Feedback from on the 3rd Sept 2017 from Alina R.

Further feedback of other smoking areas would be appreciated.

Images of Smoke Areas

Terminal 1:

VIE terminal 1

Gates G & F

gate G&F

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