Smoking at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Be warned, this airport may be going completely smoke free.

Latest feedback below is from the 21st June 2018, provided by Paul W.

Terminals 1/2/3 have outside terminal smoking areas by crossing over the taxi/bus bays road, however use the distinguishing bins to discard, as there is a fine for littering cigarette butts if you are spotted of 2500 pesos.

Terminal 1:

Smoking IS allowed airside in numerous coffee shops along the departure gates (With purchases)

Terminal 2: 

Smoking NOT allowed in any areas airside in any coffee shops, (However this is currently under review, as this is the main International departures/arrivals terminal, following numerous suggestions made by passengers)

Terminal 3:

Smoking IS allowed airside in x2 coffee shops ( x1 Upper level departures, and x1 Lower level departures on the DOMESTIC departures side. Smoking IS allowed in x2 coffee shops (Upper level departures) on the INTERNATIONAL departures side, You are expected to make purchases in the coffee shops (250ml Water - 35 Pesos)

Terminal 4:

This is a PROPELLER AIRCRAFT terminal serving small Filipino islands, and current information is not known by myself as I have not used this terminal, however it's a very small terminal, so outside the check-in area desks is not a long walk to the 1 departure gate.

Images of Smoke Areas

Terminal 3

Terminal 1, coffee house, were smoking area is located.

Departures, level 3 map

Terminal 3

Terminal 3, at Arrival Gate

Terminal 3, Departures Gate

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