Smoking at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

Also known as Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Ninoy Aquino or NAIA

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Update from Jay, August 2022: At Terminal 2 there is outdoor smoking sections before security in the parking area across from the arrivals exits.


  • This airport may be going completely smoke free. Every update I am now getting is of areas closed.
  • Terminals 1/2/3 have outside terminal smoking areas by crossing over the taxi/bus bays road, however use the distinguishing bins to discard, as there is a fine for littering cigarette butts if you are spotted of 2500 pesos.
  • Update from Richard C., Oct 2019: As the current report says, they confiscate lighters at the terminal door scan.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1

Update from Michael, July 2022: For regular cigarettes, at T1, only the JAL business class lounge has a smoking area.

Update from Dan,  Mat 2022: I can confirm that since the pandemic, even the designated outdoor smoking area has been closed. I smoked anyway and was stopped by a security guard. Later, I discovered some drivers smoking discreetly at the carpark. As long as you don't get caught, you can still sneak a smoke in between the parked cars, especially at night. Just go as far as you can from the building and the guards.

Update from Erica, Jan 2020: ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO SMOKE HERE. All the lounges, exits, areas are closed and the airport has gone smoke-free unless you count in the outside areas before you actually enter the airport. I'm a heavy smoker and am transferring 20 hours here and am going mad. Hate this place. If I had known this I would have chosen a different flight. Hope you update so future smokers can be warned. Thanks.

Update from Kive, Dec 2019: JAL Sakura Lounge at MNL Terminal 1 by gate 15 still has a smoking lounge as of today. Just letting you know Craig's June update is still good.

Update: Craig from Chicago: Today June 7th, 2019 I discovered that if you have One world Emerald status (or are flying on Japan Air Lines) there is a smoking room inside the JAL lounge. Terminal 1 by gate 15.  Yes!!!

No smoking inside the terminals at all. One smoking area outside in Bay 1 in arrivals by domestic terminal. Confirmed by John P, April 2019.

Terminal 2:

Update from Jay, August 2022: Adding to the previous post, the IQOS vape lounge is located next to Gate 8 in Terminal 2. First time Ive seen a dedicated vape only lounge in an airport! Also at Terminal 2 there is outdoor smoking sections before security in the parking area across from the arrivals exits.

Update from Michael, July 2022: There is now a dedicated IQOS lounge inside Terminal 2 after all the security checks and immigration. There is nowhere to smoke regular cigarettes.

Update from Ben, 18th August 2019. All smoking lounges have been closed now airside. You can still smoke after a walk on the ground level outside (car parking). I checked all the reported lounges, even the private ones, but they're all empty, locked and with no smoking announcements.

Terminal 3:

Update from Michael, July 2022: At T3, some business class lounges have dedicated smoking areas. If I recall correctly, it was the ANA business class lounge. There may also be an IQOS only smoking lounge.

Update from Kim, Nov 2019: I found good smoking room at QATAR AIR lounge at 4 floor in duty free area departure but it cost 25 USD or PP CARD They have lighter (fixed electric on board wall) otherwise no smoking area departure/arrival,

Update from John, Nov 2019: They moved the outside smoking area to Bay 14 now arrivals.

Update from Richard C., Oct 2019: As the current report says, they confiscate lighters at the terminal door scan. There is also no official smoking area inside. However, I found out there is a smoking room in the PAGSS Lounge which you can use if you have access or pay to enter. The lounge is also used by ANA and their code shares in business or Star Alliance gold (but normal Star Alliance Gold need to be on an ANA flight or can't enter).

Update from Charlie on the 19th Sept 2019: Just to confirm,  25 USD for the PAGGS lounge,  with a decent smoking room inside.  Well worth it as you get food, drinks (including draught beer and spirits) and a shower.

Update from Pascal G., July 2019: The only airside smoking area is located inside the PAGSS lounge, which can only be accessed by priority customers of some airlines (Qantas, etc.), priority pass holders, or by paying the walk-in fee of USD 25,00 (cash only!) for the lounge access.


Update from Mark, 27th April 2019: No public smoking lounges airside anymore but Pagss Lounge(priority pass eligable) on the 4th floor has a smoking room

Both smoking lounges are now close air side. Only area is at arrival, ground floor, across the road from bay 1. Update from Allen T. on the 9th April 2019.


All smoking lounges have gone as of Jan 2019 (DOMESTIC) with only one open in the international departures at the far left side as of Friday 29th 2019. Update from Mike T. on the 3rd April 2019.

Terminal 4

Update from Rene, Jan 2020: I can confirm that there is no smoking area inside the terminal. Smoking is allowed outside in a designated area in the parking lot, 50 meters from the terminal entrance.

This is a PROPELLER AIRCRAFT terminal serving small Filipino islands, and current information is not known by myself as I have not used this terminal, however it's a very small terminal, so outside the check-in area desks is not a long walk to the 1 departure gate.

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