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Smoking at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) (KUL)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

KLIA - Satellite building

If you’re lucky enough to have access to the MAS Golden lounge (one world status etc.) there is a smoking room at the back. Not a bad way to have a free drink and a smoke before take-off. Feedback from Hopeful_smoker on the 17th July 2018.

There are two smoking areas on the Mezzanines Level (Level 2) of KLIA, one in the South Zone and the other in the North Zone. See map below.

Update from airport 27th April 2017:  

We do have 2 smoking lounges at the Satellite Building at the Mezzanine Level towards Gate C11 and C30.

You may proceed to the smoking lounge once you have check-in and received the boarding pass. In order to get to the Satellite Building, you must take the aero train after the security check point.

Smoking is not permitted in the airport's premises. However, there are established designated smoking areas inside the airport.

KLIA - Contact Pier - Domestic

There is a smoking area in the Domestic area of the Contact Pier beside "TWG Tea". See map below.

KLIA - Contact Pier - International

There are no smoking areas here.

KLIA - Main Building

There are no smoking areas here.


On KLIA2 T wing smoking area is gone (behind caring PHTM), photo below, provided by L.S. on the 2nd May 2018.

KLIA2 - Piers J, K, L, P & Q

Update from on the 1st Sept 2019: KLIA2 smoking area still exist at the back before security check between P and Q gates on 1st Sept 2019.

Today between gate P and Q.  Even lots of staff said absolutely no smoking loungers inside checking,  no signage but it's here. Update from Dofi on the 14th April 2019. Image below.

Smoking room at right behind the shop name Noodles in the center near to Gates P and Q. Feedback from Francis on the 18th Aug 2018.

KLIA2 - Main Building

Officially no smoking areas here.

Images of Smoke Areas

Smoking at KLIA - Satellite building

Smoking at KLIA - Contact Pier - Domestic

Handy Smoking Lounge sign has been removed.

Smoking area now gone :(

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